Robotics technology that takes the routine and inefficiency out of cooking


What we believe

We believe that the advances in robotics and machine learning will transform the food industry, just as they are changing many industries now. In the not-too-distant future, the meals we eat will be prepared - chopped, cooked, and served - with the help of robots. This will save people - and businesses - time, lower costs, improve and standardise quality, and reduce food waste.


Who we are

Remy Robotics is the latest project from Kinetik, a technology investment group with companies at the cutting edge of Electric Vehicles (ARRIVAL), Robofacturing (TRA Robotics) and Autonomous Vehicles (Roborace). Kinetik's companies have offices in London, LA, Berlin and Saint-Petersburg, while Remy Robotics is located in Barcelona with some software engineering functions in Moscow. For Remy Robotics, we have brought together talented specialists in the fields of robotics and machine learning from all over the world.


What we’re building

We are using robotic technology to take the routine and inefficiency out of cooking, creating a ‘chef robot’ that can help in cooking any cuisine or any dish in the world. This could be used for businesses (factories, restaurants, delivery-only), or at home, where people will be able to eat restaurant quality meals at a fraction of the cost.



Robotic Perception

We can achieve a new level of understanding of the environment through advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques.


Robotic Intelligence

Our algorithms can control to a precise level, creating an intelligent robot that can perform and adapt in every environment.


Robotic Platform

From driver level to high level control, our software is being optimised to meet the high performance and reliability standards of required tasks.

Where to find us



Remy Robotics (HQ)
Port Vell Barcelona
Carrer de l’Escar 26 (Gallery Building)
Barcelona, Spain



4th floor, Beaumont House
Kensington Village
W14 8TS
London, United Kingdom


Friedrichstrasse 68,


1st floor, Vasilevskaya str.
13 bld. 2
Moscow, Russia

Los Angeles

520 Broadway, Suite 200
Santa Monica
California, USA


Join us

We are looking for the brightest minds to help us grow. Get in touch if you want to help us explore what robotics can serve up next.

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