Robotics solutions that take the routine and inefficiency out of cooking
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Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will transform the food industry, just as they are changing many industries now. In the not-too-distant future, many of the meals we eat will be prepared - chopped, cooked, and served - with the help of robots. This will lower costs, improve and standardise quality, simplify business launch and reduce food waste.
We are creating food robotics solutions that could be used for dark kitchens, kitchen factories, restaurants where constant quality, adaptability to any recipe, and operational effectiveness plays major role.
Remy Robotics is the latest project from Kinetik, a technology investment group with companies at the cutting edge of:
Electric Vehicles — Arrival,
Robofacturing — TRA Robotics,
Autonomous Vehicles — Roborace.
Kinetik's companies have offices in London, LA, Berlin and Saint-Petersburg, while Remy Robotics is located in Barcelona.
For Remy Robotics, we have brought together talented specialists in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence from all over the world.
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Current opportunities are in the following domains:
Robotics Engineering
barcelona, spain
Mechatronics and Industrial Design
barcelona, spain
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
barcelona, spain
Software Engineering
barcelona, spain
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